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About Henry

Henry Lepler M.Ed. is a sound healing and conscious movement guide, a musician, speaker and Heart Thread practitioner. An avid explorer of possibilities for healing and awakening, He has been immersed in the study of “conscious evolution” and the sea of new perspectives and possibilities that emerge from that. He delights in sharing from these explorations through inspirational talks and workshops, healing sound immersions, movement journeys, sacred ceremony, and wondrous co-creations.

One of Henry’s greatest passions is embodiment, of “being the change.” It is about embodying more fully who we each are, the unique and authentic expression of love and light that we are. He has been exploring using healing sound combined with guided discovery meditations to create loving frequency fields that, through gentle movement and stillness, support people on their journeys to embody more fully who they are. This is especially important at this critical time on our planet, as we each, in our own ways, help birth the “New Story,” and as we join together hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart to take a quantum leap on the next turn of the evolutionary spiral.

In his sound work, Henry uses voice along with various sound instruments including crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, monochords, gong, native flutes and drums, chimes and bells. His intuitive vocal toning is essentially heart prayers that invite healing on many levels. In his movement facilitation, Henry creates experiential and supportive spaces for self-exploration and discovery and to embody “the change we wish to see in the world.”